Quintessential Paris

When Paris comes to mind, cafes, rainy days and umbrellas come to mind. But I've had glorious weather and being able to paint outside has been such a gift.  

This piece though is the last of the crop here. I need to let them all dry so that they can be carried back. I leave December 15th, and can't belive how the time has passed. And, I am very uncertain how I feel about that. Being with family and kids has been the best. Having my own quiet place to live and paint, has been very productive (although not having a tv for two and a half months has made me a Pintrest/Instagram addict)

what I love most is walking out of my place, through the courtyard, and opening the big doors to the city street. Being able to walk everywhere, or take the bus or metro,.. I really love this part of life.

but I also miss clean air, ocean breezes, the sound of the ocean, and warmth on my face. And most of all - my friends, and the laughter they give me. And my studio