Enjoying this weather

Back out painting with friends. Life is good.

 “Painting into the Sun 12x9 oil on board $750, framed

“Painting into the Sun 12x9 oil on board $750, framed

Settled in.

It's hard not to travel for a while - but, at the same time, happy to be home for the fall here. I'm really looking forward to getting back out with friends painting,  working on the house, going to work at the Music Hall (great line up for the upcoming months). 

I'm going to do an Open Studio weekend here, and need to get some work done too. Like paint the studio, put in a pathway, and do those little things that make it "home" for me. 

All the while...working on The Botanical Series in the studio.

  "The Botanicals #7"  24x36 oil on board. $3800

"The Botanicals #7"  24x36 oil on board. $3800

Lotus in Blue

I've been traveling, well, it seems like forever. Off and on for a year pretty much, and it's hard to be settled in at home, but wonderful to be back in the studio painting.

One of the trips was to the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville. An inspiring trip for sure, with the Chihuly sculptures on display, and the blossoms in the ponds. Kind of goes back to my graphic roots.  30x40 oil on board

Lotus in Blue 30x40 $4200.jpg

Play Time

Spoleto is done, I'm working on commissions, and under the influence of abstracts these past few weeks. I find them such a challenge - and sometimes rewarding. It's not just putting paint down, it's finding that great composition that makes a painting really good.

I think I have a 36x36 that turned out just the way I wanted.



I am so honored to have my body of work chosen for First Place at the Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Working in the studio, or outside on location is a great way to live, and to be recognized for that work, is such an great honor. Thank you!

Come see me at #37 in Marion Square, now til June 9th

Blue Ribbon.png

A Week from Today

And it can't get here soon enough! I've been in the studio painting, framing, marketing, cleaning - and so ready to set up in Marion Square, display the new work...and visit with people. :-) I never think I'm stressed during the week before, until I realize, yep, I'm stressed. So much work is put into the show, and the doubts always pop up if I've done enough, will people like them, and all those other questions. Phew.

So come see the new work and visit with me. Yea!

"SPF 30" 36x36 oil on board

SPF 30.jpg


Stacked 10x8.jpg

A little piece from Paris, when I stopped in St Germain to have tea after painting down at the Seine. I love painting tea cups - fragile and beautiful.

"Stacked, 10x8 oil on linen $700

at City Art Gallery, Greenville, NC

Confined to Quarters

It Takes Two.jpg

It has been an amazing 6 months of my life - some good, some great, some sad. But I am home from Spain/France/Finger Lakes, and Argentina, ready to settle in and just paint for the next few months. (I have the group show April 25th in Greenville, NC at City Art Gallery, then, of course, Spoleto.) It feels good to be home in my little house, painting in the studio, and getting work done. The Argentina trip was absolutely amazing - with great people, and so glad I got to be part of all of that. A lot of magical moments.

I think this little 12x9 reflects the trip the best. "It Takes Two". SOLD

Oyster Season

Still can't get a love for them, but oh, so much fun to paint. All those bits of color!

 "The Remains" 12x24 oil on board $1200

"The Remains" 12x24 oil on board $1200

Countdown to SEWE

Available at the City Art Gallery in Greenville, NC

"Flamboyance" 32x46 oil on canvas  (The word for a flock of Flamingos)

Flamboyance sm.jpg

Quintessential Paris

When Paris comes to mind, cafes, rainy days and umbrellas come to mind. But I've had glorious weather and being able to paint outside has been such a gift.  

This piece though is the last of the crop here. I need to let them all dry so that they can be carried back. I leave December 15th, and can't belive how the time has passed. And, I am very uncertain how I feel about that. Being with family and kids has been the best. Having my own quiet place to live and paint, has been very productive (although not having a tv for two and a half months has made me a Pintrest/Instagram addict)

what I love most is walking out of my place, through the courtyard, and opening the big doors to the city street. Being able to walk everywhere, or take the bus or metro,.. I really love this part of life.

but I also miss clean air, ocean breezes, the sound of the ocean, and warmth on my face. And most of all - my friends, and the laughter they give me. And my studio


City Sun


That nice Autumn light is starting to disappear here in Paris, but Im still out exploring. Christmas is almost in full force here and I love the way windows are decked out. 

Thanksgiving is also here and I'm trying to give the kids the meaning of it all. (Stella thinks it's all about tracing your hand to make a turkey :-) Expats are gathering Thursday and the search is on for cranberry sauce. 

Mans I am working on the last of my oil paintings. They need to dry to ship, and I'd like to take full advantage of my last few weeks here  

Above: "When I Think of Paris No.2", 18x14 $2100.  


Straight from Paris


Three of my plein air paintings are off to City Art Gallery this week. Going out to paint along the River Seine and at cafes here has been such an experience. I painted these 6x6s on oil primed paper, matted and framed them in these lovely gold frames I bought here. 

Shipping is a new experience and making the show deadline will be tough. But they are available from the gallery if you want to grab them for Christmas! $475 each




"Macaroons" 6x6 oil on paper


River Seine

I'm taking advantage of the beautiful weather here and getting out everyday to wander - and  paint. Working on my 6x6s on oil primed paper and really loving the way the paint sits on it. 

Set up on the River Seine with the light coming through the trees, creating lovely dappled leaves in yellows and oranges. Definitely going to be a larger piece!


First Week in Paris

For some reason, my first week out of the Low Country and into city life, always makes me sick. Must be leaving our warm, coastal air. Three days in bed with intermittent trips to the market and sketching, and picking the kids up from school have been the norm

But I am back in the groove, and have been out working on 6x6 oils on primed paper. Little vignettes of my "hood" - the 11th. I have to say it's a bit different painting here. I'm so used to tourists coming up to look and talk while I paint, and that isn't the case here. I had assumed it would be I guess. But as my French is horrid, I can't understand anyway. :-)

 I think I will do quite a few of these then have them on line the beginning of November.